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Dream Team Draft

As draft season is in full swing I wanted to take a look and see what is the best team that can be drafted purely off of ADP (Average Draft Position). In order to put together this team I utilized Sleeper's Half-PPR Redraft ADP data (as of 8/17) and the roster consists of one Quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, and six bench spots. This particular dream team draft is using the tenth draft position.


1.10 (10) Aaron Jones (RB) ADP (10.1)

Based off of ADP data Jones is the last of the RB1s in the first round and therefore presents the most value of any back in the first round. Jones has finished as a top five running back in half-ppr scoring the past two years and could see an increase in his passing volume this year with Jamaal Williams no longer on the team.

2.3 (15) Joe Mixon (RB) ADP (16.8)

After securing one top tier running back in round one with Jones you can grab a second elite back in round two with Mixon. Many people are soured on Mixon due to his injury however before last season Mixon had never missed more than two games in a season, most running backs miss at least two games in a season on average. Mixon presents massive upside due to his volume and as an RB2 on a team allows your team to have one of the best possible rb duos in a draft.

3.10 (34) CeeDee Lamb (WR) ADP (38.1)

By going two running backs to start the draft the elite receivers in round three and more difficult to find. Luckily CeeDee Lamb presents overall WR1 upside and is a receiver I have ranked 6th at the position going into drafts. Lamb is primed to dominate this year, fantasy owners may not realize how great Lamb was last year. Lamb finished as WR20 last year as a rookie and receiving most of his targets from Andy Dalton and Ben DiNucci. Now with Dak Prescott back at QB Lamb will be a solid WR1 for fantasy teams with plenty of upside.

4.3 (39) Darrel Henderson (RB) ADP (41)

In the fourth round the receiver value was a bit low but Henderson present a great value at RB especially as the third back for a team. Last year on nearly the same amount of touches Henderson out performed Akers fantasy points wise. However Akers was being valued as a first round RB in fantasy but Henderson is going in round 4? Henderson will be the main back for a dynamic offense and has incredible upside. He is a weapon in the passing game and Matthew Stafford has targeted his running backs throughout his career. At this point this team is very set on running back and is ready to hit the value at receiver that really comes in the middle rounds.

5.10 (58) Brandon Aiyuk (WR) ADP (64)

Another year two wide receiver that is set to take a massive step forward just like Lamb. In the back half of last season Aiyuk was a top 20 receiver and saw less than nine targets only once. That is the passing game volume you look for in fantasy receivers and with a potential upgrade at quarterback coming in with Try Lance; Aiyuk should be a consistent WR2 with WR1 upside.

6.3 (63) Chase Claypool (WR) ADP (68)

The third year two wide receiver to join this team (spoilers: year two wide receivers tend to take big steps forward and produce for fantasy.) Claypool showed his boom potential last year with multiple week winning weeks. As a wide receiver three on a team Claypool is a perfect target. You want a receiver that has a large ceiling and while Claypool provides that he should also provide a solid floor with his role in the Steelers offense.

7.10 (82) Damien Harris (RB) ADP (82)

Grabbing a starting NFL running back in round seven that plays for a run heavy team is a screaming value. Fantasy owners are worried about drafting Patriots running backs but the myth of Patriots running backs are bad for fantasy is an overblown one. DIon Lewis and Blount both had viable fantasy seasons and even James White has been a great fantasy contributor. Harris will see a majority of the touches out of the backfield and as a fourth running back on the team Harris is a great pick.

8.3 (87) Ryan Tannehill (QB) ADP (101)

This was an interesting spot for the draft because based on ADP if you do not take a quarterback here you are very likely to miss out on most of the top tier options available at the position and will be streaming. Luckily Tannehill is one of my favorite QB targets this year and has been one of the best QBs in fantasy the past few years. Since taking over as the Titans QB Tannehill has been a top seven fantasy quarterback. Now he gets Julio Jones as an added weapon in the passing game and Henry is projected to take a decrease in carries this year which leads to more fantasy opportunities for Tannehill.

9.10 (106) Antonio Brown (WR) ADP (108)

Upon joining the Buccaneers in week 9 of last season Brown was the 24th best receiver in fantasy for the remainder of the season. Brown and Brady have a trust and a connection and he will be used heavily in the offense. He presents a huge upside this late in drafts and if something does happen off the field you did not spend a ton to acquire Brown in the draft.

10.3 (111) Tyler Higbee (TE) ADP (111)

Higbee is one of my favorite tight end targets this year. I want pieces of the Rams offense with Stafford at QB and Higbee is one of the cheapest pieces you can get. When Higbee has been the featured tight end (Gerald Everett not on the field) he has been a solid TE1 for your team. Now Everett is in Seattle and the job is all Higbee's.

11.10 (130) Marvin Jones (WR) ADP (130)

Would you believe me if I told you that Marvin Jones in the second half of the year (week 8 on) was the WR4 in fantasy last year? Well he was, Jones has always been undervalued as a fantasy asset and he showed in the back half of the year he still has plenty left in the tank. The Jaguars went out and got Jones early in the offseason and based off the first preseason game it looks like he will be the top receiving option for Lawrence. This is one of the most underrated pickups late in drafts that presents massive upside for your fantasy roster.

12.3 (135) Trey Lance (QB) ADP (139)

Despite already having Tannehill on the roster I absolutely want to grab Lance in drafts. Whenever Lance becomes the started he will be a QB1 for fantasy due to his arm talent and rushing ability. The value on Lance this year reminds me of when you could grab Mahomes late in drafts. The upside a player like Lance is massive and can be a game changer for your team and lead you to a championship late in the year.

13.10 (154) Kenneth Gainwell (RB) ADP (167)

Finding a running back this late in a draft that can provide you weekly fantasy value is rare but I believe Gainwell could be that kind of player. Gainwell is an exceptional receiver out of the backfield and will be the main passing option from the position in Philadelphia. The Eagles project to be behind in most games this year which should lead to Gainwell getting a large amount of work. Gainwell could be this year's JD McKissic and even if he isn't this is one of your last picks and you can move on from it easily.

14.3 (159) Jakobi Meyers (WR) ADP (205)

Finding a team's WR1 in the last round of your fantasy draft is insane. Fantasy owners are fading Meyers due to their worry about Cam Newton at QB. However even with Cam at QB last year Meyers was a top 26 receiver in the back half of the year and that's with only two touchdowns to his name. Meyers has continued to impress this preseason and if the Patriots move on the Mac Jones his upside increases even more. Meyers is one of the best players to grab with your last pick in a draft.

The final roster looks like:

QB: Tannehill

RB: A. Jones

RB: Mixon

WR: Lamb

WR: Aiyuk

WR: Claypool

TE: Higbee

Flex: Henderson

B: Harris

B: Brown

B: Lance

B: Jones Jr.

B: Gainwell

B: Meyers

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