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Plans for 2021 NFL Draft and moving into fantasy season.

Hello all, sorry for the lack of content early in the offseason. I had been writing for a few other sites but have decided to return to self publishing here in order to better fit my schedule and ensure that the content is the best it can be.

For NFL draft and fantasy coverage moving forward. There will be an NFL mock draft stream next Wednesday the day before the draft on my Twitch stream. There will be no live stream covering the first round of the NFL draft but expect an article covering the top fantasy prospects that go in the first round. Possibly a twitch stream during rounds 2-3 covering the fantasy impact of all the players. After the draft I will be starting a team by team breakdown discussing all skill position players and what their values are, that will be on stream and videos will be posted on YouTube and on the site as well.

If you are interested in any of the offseason content I made this offseason check out:

I look forward to an amazing 20-21 fantasy football season and look forward to providing the best advice I can to the fantasy football gamers community.

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